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good, good...

The game was great.
Good song list and all, but I still think that something is missing. theres no actual animation in it, except for the song list and while playing a song. I also think that the colors while playing the songs are just too simple. Get some more colors to the backround, or put a picture in there. or even better, an animation!



noy so good... : /

supertomx65 responds:


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I'm thinking of a race..

This is how it goes down.

0:00 - The high speed race on hover cars began. You're still on the back of the group, but the fun had only started.
:20 - After the start-strugling, the path opens up and you find your course through the track. You're climbing in the positions, slowly but surely.
:40 - An opening comes into your view, and you dont hesitate to take this chance. You gun for it, and the next thing you know, youre climbing up a pitch black tunnel heading straight up with a small orb of light at the end of it. The sound of your engines fade out, and everything goes white as if youre blinded.
:50 - A few seconds pass and you start seeing something again. Youre still inside your racer, but your traveling through space at light speed. Planets and stars flash by your windows and you cant help but admire what you see.
1:00 - After the silence, your engines fire up again, but nothing is in sight yet. Youre slightly confused, but you know youre going to be fine.
1:15 - Another small flash, and you find yourself in the middle of a completely diffarent world, racing amongst the alien cars with your own in an unknown track. You bypass many of the slower vehicles and climb the ranks quickly, but a ramp comes into your view. A big one.
1:40 - You went for the ramp and you see another flash. Youre back at lightspeed, and you know youre heading back home.
1:55 - Your predictions were right, as after another flash youre back on your home planet, and back on the race track. You recodnise the 3 racers infront of you, its the top 3 of the race. You know what to do...

And there you have it. You're welcome for the script for a flash movie =)

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The first 10 seconds

and I knew the artist was Waterflame. Cant mistake that style.

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Your music doesn't get the attention it deserves.

Clearly. There are much more pearls youve created that has less than 500 listens on it. A shame, really. Try telling your buddies about your music, or spread it somehow.

Then again, what can I do about your will? Its your choise, afterall.

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Just wow.

I can pretty much bet anyone would f*** her if you took the robotic features off her and replaced it with real stuff. But of course there are some who would do her just like that, which doesn't seem right at all.

But putting that aside, great picture. And just like the guy said a few comments bellow me, some reflection from the chair would've made it better since the skin is still metal, isn't it? I would like to see a V.3 of her. :)

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TheShadling responds:

Hey thanks man, and yeah the reflection would have been nice but oh well, I dont like to revisit older projects.


Me likes very much! Me want look more, but that is bad. Me good person! Me no go your page... many bad pictures..
P-please, no make go back?


and yes, I wrote like that just for the fun of it :) hope you guys understand xD

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Vortex00 responds:

me understand :)

Wonderfully Weird

n/a, Male

Some dark place.


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