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..... *empty* ....... *quitting music*....

2008-10-14 05:11:17 by Maikkeli

Sorry all of you fans, but I'm not making music anymore. My fl studio 8 broke and my HUGE (I mean HUGE) project that I was working on, disappeared when fl broke. That is why I'm not making any music anymore.

I won't quit NG tho..


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2008-10-17 06:47:09

Ahh, thats shitty; but you'll get over it. Your probably pissed that after investing so much of yourself into your special project just to have it spit back in your face and laugh at you by breaking down that you tell yourself that you'll never waste your life doing it again, but over the next few months your going to be thinking about how much that project meant to you and living with the feeling of "what a waste." After giving it a lot of idle thought I bet you'll get all kinds of hopeful wishes that it could have been, and it will nag at your mind at how great it could have been. You'll finally want to see it happen SO bad that you will find a way to make it happen again, and this time you will have had time to think about it from the vantage point of a comfy chiar as opposed to hunched over at a computer, and when you restart doing what you had planned, it will come out 'not as planned' will come out better because you've had time to rethink what you've already thought and pinned to do.
Thats at least what happens to me whenever I lose grasp of something that I poured my heart and soul into and lost due to trivial matters. I cant just pick it up and start back at the beggining, I have to distance myself from the pain of losing what I made for myself until I've either forgotten it or the desire to continue surpasses my disgust for being screwed over. You just need time to rethink and regroup; these things are serious roadblocks and can sometimes derail you for a long time, but if this was all it would take to stop you, then you probably never would have started in the first place. It may not be for several months, or even a year from now, but as long as NG is around I'll bet that eventually we'll see a new submission from Maikkeli before we all leave the NG scene and NG goes bankrupt or something. Oh well for now, just remember: NEVER STOP ROCKIN'!!!

Maikkeli responds:

amen to that...

and i've been seriously thinking about quitting. i mean, the thing i was working on so hard.. I almost finnished it! but then.. *bang crash boom* FL broke down so badly, i didn't find the project i had made... i was so close of finishing it! i bet you dont know the pain i felt inside when i relied that all my hard work was lost.. and it even doubled the pain of knowing that i was about to finish what i was doing and that i've been working on it for so long! i started making it right after i submitted my last remake that i have there now.. and thats pretty long ago. i dont want to go through this again, so if i dont quit, i will not be makig much anything until next summer. AT LEAST. but, however, i've been practicing beatbox this whole time...


2008-11-15 22:59:48

aw that suks, i know how you feel, i have also been so unfortunate to spend alot of time and sweat, on somthing which i really liked just to get a overheated hardrive... or just a computer malfunction.. my advice is to buy a usb stick and just to backup onto that evry so often, you can pick em up pretty cheap, but pay a decent price and get a decent one, the cheap ones are extremely slow and might fail on ya. but don't stop being creative, just reinstall ur program buy a usb and star again =) don't bother trying the same project again cause you'll always feel that its not the same and be disapointed. soldier on =) goodluck and enjoy

Maikkeli responds:

You know, I actually cant save my projects. So I leave my comp + FL on for teh night and continue the next day.

Only if FL wasnt broken...


2010-06-21 09:56:38

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