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Maikkeli demands new ideas

2008-07-24 16:27:10 by Maikkeli

as u can c, i r in a n33d of n3w id3az (<- As you can see, I'm in a need of new ideas)

read above... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


what you looking at? click on that contact button thing and give me a !%&ing idea...


stop reading this...

are you blind?

guess you are...

what the hell is wrong with you?!


you know that i really need that idea you have in there, right?



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2008-07-24 16:27:36

I'm not giving you my idea.

Maikkeli responds:

i really NEED that idea you're hoding back there!


2008-07-31 23:28:33

lol Whats the matter, you can't make anything new unless your bored again LOL? Have you ever played or listened to the Sonic CD game? There are many tracks there of the same level that are MP3 format that are DYING to get more attention. I personally like the "bad future" versions of a level song, and I think they might make great metal remix material ;)!

Maikkeli responds:

eh.. i'm not so sure, but i'll think about it :)


2008-08-15 04:57:42

i have an idea and this time it is a well not easy one: a remix of the gods main menu from the sega master system and because it is not well know i hope that you know something to get a midi from the song or you must make it without a midi.

Maikkeli responds:

uhm... what? i dont know what you're talking about... : S


2008-08-24 04:32:46

well if you do not know what i meant last time i got some more simple tasks.
I wonder if you could remix the bonus stage of sonic2 and all the bonus stages of sonic3. i hope you can use it.

Maikkeli responds:

well.. i'll se what i can do. thanks :)